Dennis Sheperd & Cold Blue & Ana Criado - Every Word

Release Date: 17.02.2014
Catalog Nr.: PER-014









Club Mix
Club Edit
Club Dub Mix
Uplifting Mix
Uplifting Edit
Uplifting Dub Mix 



Official video:

Club Mixes (Release: 17.02.2014)
Uplifting Mixes (Release: 03.03.2014)


Following up on "Fallen Angel" one of vocal trance's biggest records, Dennis Sheperd, Cold Blue and Ana Criado combined their forces once again to create another brilliant release. Ana Criado has been one of the world's finest trance vocalist for some time now. Add Dennis Sheperd & Cold Blue in the mix and you've got yourself a pearl."Every Word" goes without saying. Ana's vocals are gold and the energetic chords push the track to platinum. All of this, combined with the beautiful lyrics, provides you with a release that you just have to experience. 
Pure Energy Records accompanies the international release by Sir Adrian Music in the territories Germany, Austria and Switzerland with an exclusive license and brought this song to the most selling CD compilation for this type of music: Future Trance.
The Club Mixes are released on the 17th February. The Uplifting Mixes follow on the 03rd March 2014.


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