Trance Arts - Eternity (feat. Carie) / Cinematic (feat. Hysteria!)

Release Date: 13.12.2013
Catalog Nr.: PER-013









Eternity (Original Mix):

Eternity (Reiklavik Remix):

Cinematic (Original Mix):

Cinematic (Alternative Mix):



After having achieved tremendous success with his first EP on Pure Trance Energy Records in the last spring, Trance Arts now delivers a perfect follow up EP, which again features Carie and Hysteria! as vocalists and songwriters. The result is top-notch Trance of this excellent German artist. 

As a consequence of numerous plays in the sets of the international league of Trance DJs and continuous quality productions, Trance has gained a permanent place on the well-known compilations. The purchasers of Future Trance and Dream Dance have, therefore, got an exclusive preview of this EP. However, this EP offers the pleasure of full and more mixes. "Eternity" is enriched by a Reiklavik Remix. "Cinematic" includes even two different versions by Trance Arts himself.

The EP is now available in all download shops and streaming services. 


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