OUT NOW: Kirsty Hawkshaw and One Vision - Nostra Terra

2013-01-14 10:31

In cooperation with the One Vision project, Kirsty Hawkshaw presents her third single release on Pure Energy Records and is supported by top-notch remixers, which are Team Bastian, North State and BDH.  

With her vocals for Tiesto, BT and Mr. Sam, Kirsty Hawkshaw has become a living legend among the vocalists in Trance music. Before that, she had made history and chart success in the 1990s with the world-wide hit record „It’s a fine day“. After “Invisible Walls” and “Dawn”, a new Kirsty Hawkshaw single is now being released on Pure Energy Records.

The project One Vision has embedded her outstanding, meaningful vocals into an epic instrumental, which unfolds its full quality in the Epic Mix. The One Vision project consists of the Swedish producer Larssa Åhlin and the German producer and co-founder of Pure Energy Records: Marlon Jürs. The engaged remixers maintain the international cast: the Dutch Team Bastian, formerly known as one part of Ernesto & Bastian, presents his stunning Progressive Trance remix. The Hungarian North State and UK-based BDH proof themselves as Uplifting Trance talents. A permium release to start into the new year of Trance – 2013!

The single is now available in all download stores:



Club Mix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5wHVF3trtM
Team Bastian Remix: http://youtu.be/5IoRpzQdInI
North State in the Sunrise Remix: http://youtu.be/jUK0k_19vJ8
BDH Remix: http://youtu.be/yZTsu1-eP4E

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