OUT NOW: Dennis Sheperd - Fight your Fears (Album)

2015-05-04 17:00

After an intense 3 years in the studio perfecting its sounds, German DJ and producer Dennis Sheperd proudly announces his second artist album: ‘Fight Your Fears’. The release is now available on A Tribute To Life and Pure Energy Records labels. It is the first ever crowdfunded trance album. Including exciting collabs with singer/songwriters Christina Novelli, JES, Ana Criado, Molly Bancroft, Katty Heath and many more, it marks the next step in Sheperd’s ever-thriving career. 

Dennis Sheperd, known for his open-minded and melodic mix of progressive, trance and electro, set himself a high goal - to crowdfund an entire artist album on PledgeMusic. After months of promoting it, ‘Fight Your Fears’ made the target just in time. A big risk, but proven worth it. Dennis:”At one point I was almost giving up and thought I wouldn't reach the goal to crowdfund the release of this album. But my fans have made it possible and for that I will always be thankful!" 

The album includes 10 brand new originals and collabs, along with chart-busters such as ‘Bring You Home’ ft. Chloe Langley, ‘We Are’ ft. Sylvia Tosun, ‘Two Worlds’ with Talla 2XLC and ‘Edge of The World’. The highly anticipated remix that Sheperd made of ‘The Masques – Heart of Courage’, premiered on the A State of Trance 600 show in Sofia, also features on ‘Fight Your Fears’. The album title is a clear and powerful message of Dennis to his fans. “It tells them to widen their horizons, step out of their comfort zones and give new things and experiences a try.” 

‘Fight Your Fears’ is the long-awaited follow-up to Sheperd’s 2011 album ‘A Tribute To Life’, and in many ways shows the growth he’s been through as a fully-fledged artist. In the meantime, the Berlin-based musician has set up his own record label, performed his sets in over 20 countries and launched his own radio show. Now, he adds the release of his second artist album to that list. And for that, he’s more than grateful. Dennis:” The production of this album has been an amazing journey. I was able to work with astounding talented people, some with whom I have also worked on the first album, and not only that: This album is also about new friendships all around the world! Music connects, not only the fans but also those who create it!"

‘Fight Your Fears’ is available on CD and digitally on all portals.

iTunes: http://po.st/iTunesFightyourfearsGSA


Previews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhOznteE9OA



Tracklist (time within the preview):
01. Dennis Sheperd & Katty Heath (music) – Where I Begin 0:05
02. Dennis Sheperd vs. The Masques – Heart of Courage 1:05
03. Dennis Sheperd feat. Christina Novelli – Starlight 2:16
04. Dennis Sheperd & Katty Heath – Dare To Dream 3:44
05. Dennis Sheperd, David MeShow & Francis Gaulin feat. Julia Westlin – Les Ailes 4:43
06. Dennis Seperd & Artisan – Neocortex 5:54
07. Dennis Sheperd – Edge Of The World 6:53
08. Dennis Sheperd & Sylvia Tosun – We Are 7:53
09. Dennis Sheperd feat. Mark Frisch – Come Alive 8:54
10. Dennis Sheperd & Talla 2XLC – Two Worlds 9:54
11. JES, Cold Blue & Dennis Sheperd – Runaway 11:06
12. Dennis Sheperd & DITO – Sky (Fight Your Fears) 12:16
13. Dennis Sheperd & Cold Blue & Ana Criado Music – Every Word 13:26
14. Dennis Sheperd – Summer 14:56
15. Dennis Sheperd feat. Chloe Langley – Bring You Home 15:54
16. Dennis Sheperd feat. Molly Bancroft – Wanting 17:08
17. Dennis Sheperd feat. Elliot Johns – So Many Hearts 18:06

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